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William D King- Why You Should Never Stop Working With A Lawyer after Receiving Your Settlement Money

If you have recently won a personal injury claim, congratulations! The hard work paid off and now you can relax a bit with your winnings says William D King. Although many cases of personal injury resolve themselves in this way, there is still more work to be done in order to make sure that your settlement money is protected.

If you are like most people, once the case has been resolved, you will feel like it’s finally time for some well-deserved rest. You may even start questioning how much longer you need to keep working with your lawyer.  You might think that if there isn’t anything else that needs to be done for the settlement then why should you continue working with them?

The truth is that there are several reasons that you shouldn’t stop working with a lawyer after receiving your settlement money:

1) You Have No Idea How to Manage Your Money

After the case has been resolved, you may think that since it wasn’t a particularly large settlement and you aren’t rich, there isn’t anything wrong with handling your own money. However, if you don’t have any prior experience in managing money or investing then this can put you at risk. Without the proper education and guidance, not only could your settlement lose value due to inflation but you are also vulnerable to being scammed by someone else who knows what they are doing.

2) You Could Be Liable For Future Qui Tam Lawsuits

Although this issue is most common for people who win millions of dollars in lawsuits, even people who win smaller amounts of money could be liable for future lawsuits explains William D King. In these cases, a lawyer will usually stand by you and fight the claim. However, if you stop working with your attorney, they could not be able to help you in the event of a future lawsuit.

3) You Could Lose Your Settlement Money

If you have been receiving monthly payments from your settlement money then it is very important that you continue maintaining an open line of communication with your lawyer. By doing this, they can make sure that any outstanding claims are dealt with. Before they come back to cause trouble for you later on. Without checking in often enough, there is no telling what kind of mistakes. That could be made without proper supervision from a legal professional.

4) You Might Have More Claims Coming In The Future

Although it is rare, some people find that they have more claims coming in. After their first settlement has been resolved. While this could happen for a number of reasons, you should not stop working with your lawyer. As you might be able to resolve the new claim faster and easier. Than if you were to do it on your own.

There are numerous benefits to continuing to work with a lawyer after receiving your settlement money; these include protecting what’s yours and maintaining peace of mind even though the case has been resolved.

If you feel like there isn’t any reason for you to continue working with your attorney then take into consideration how much knowledge and experience they possess and whether or not they would be willing to help you again should another case arise says William D King. Although it isn’t always easy to continue working with a lawyer. If you want to ensure that your settlement money is safe and sound then it’s the right choice for you.


What is a Qui Tam Lawsuit?

A quitam lawsuit or action is brought by an individual, known as a “relator” on behalf of the government. The case is filed under seal while the government investigates the allegations.

When can I receive my settlement payment?

Because qui tam cases are handle by different courts in different jurisdictions there is no guarantee. That you will be able to access your settlement money soon after legal proceedings have been complete.


If you receive a monetary settlement from a lawsuit and want to continue working with an attorney. Then make sure that the lawyer knows your desires beforehand explains William D King. This way, you can work with the lawyer. To make sure that your settlement remains in good hands and is protectfrom any potential hazards.


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